Hotel Key Ads

Cost Effective Marketing With National Hotel Brands


Affordable Hotel Key Advertising With National Hotel Brands

For years Promo Premiums has been helping clients with their marketing efforts, even at a local level.  Relationships developed with printing and & fulfillment house across the U.S have created a network of Hotels/Motels that currently utilize our hotel key advertising.  We can contract with most Hotels/Motels within your market area to offer your ad on their Hotel Keys.  Hotels/Motels range in size but will use a minimum of 1000 to 3000 keys with your ad on them for over 3 months.

Perfect Advertising For:

  • Local Food Delivery
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Attractions & Museums
  • Drug Stores & Supermarkets
  • Limo Services / Taxi Services / Transport Vans


Hotel Key Cards Are Mini Billboards For Introducing Your Business

  • Strategically target new customers everyday
  • Business advertisements are viewed by guests 5-7 times a day
  • Create brand recognition locally, regionally and nationally
  • Hotel key ads for your business are in front of guest right at check-in
  • Travelers have disposable income to spend at your business


plan pick

Step 1: Plan Selection

Decide which plans works best for your business. Our trained staff will research and find the nearest Hotel/Motel within 5-7 miles of your location.  Within 4 weeks of the contract being signed for the Key Ads your order will move to our art department where your ad will be created.  In the unlikely event that a Hotel/Motel within your area is not available by this time, your order will be refunded.

We take care of all the leg work – contacting the hotel, creating the artwork and following up with the Hotel/Motel to keep their supply of keys well stocked.  You will receive regular email communications explaining the whole process and keeping you informed.  You can also call at any time and speak with a customer representation concerning your order.

If multiple Hotel/Motels are available, you will be notified of special pricing to take advantage of having your advertisement in multiple locations.  Renewal of Key Ads must be placed 45 days prior to the promotion end date in order to ensure keys are stocked with your advertisement.  This is why we contract to run promotions for 3 months.


Step 2: Plan Development

The next step is for our Art Department to develop an effective ad for your business.  Travelers have money to spend and they need all types of goods and services while away from home.  A strong offer from your business, such as a free product/service or a 10% or more discount will generate a higher response.  Suggestions and ad requirements will be emailed to you.  Camera ready art is also accepted.  A graphic designer will be assigned to your project and will be available to discuss and review your ad.

Sponsor Ad is where your Ad will be placed.  Local Ad on back of key, if available, will be an additional cost.  Some hotels require another local merchant be placed on back of key.



Step 3: Plan Support

The final step is in our hands.  Once you have approved the artwork it will go into production.  We inspect your completed order to make sure it is perfect.  Copies will be sent to you via mail along with an email providing the delivery tracking details of the keys to the hotel.  Our staff tracks your order and checks in with the Hotel Manager to ensure proper delivery and distribution.  Promo Premiums supplies support to the hotels under contract and makes sure there is a well-stocked inventory of the hotel keys.

As a valued customer, our support services are available during regular business hours to answer any questions you may have.   The Renewal notification for your Hotel Key Ads will be emailed to you 60 days prior to the expiration of your promotion.  A discount of up to 20% is offered for renewals.

PRICE PLANS FOR HOTEL KEY ADVERTISINGThere Is Always One That's Just A Right Fit For You

1 Year PlanHotel Key Ads


Hotel Key Advertisment

Up to 12000 Keys Printed

Hotel Set-Up, Artwork, Hotel Keys Delivery & Customer Support


6 Month PlanHotel Key Ads


Hotel Key Advertisment

Up To 6000 Keys Printed

Hotel Set-Up, Artwork, Hotel Keys Delivery & Customer Support


3 Month PlanHotel Key Ads


Hotel Key Advertisment

Up To 3000 Keys Printed

Hotel Set-Up, Artwork, Hotel Keys Delivery & Customer Support


Hotel Guests Have Disposable Income